Balloons & Sticky-Pliques


About Our Balloons and What We CAN do for YOU...

My name is Helen Grzybek and I am the owner of Balloons & Sticky-Pliques (the "more" of Balloons & More).  As a former art teacher in the CPS system, I was often called upon to decorate for various activities. I found myself drawn to balloon decor to fill our gym and other spaces with color, movement, texture and smiles.


I called balloons --- "smiles on strings" because that's what they are. They catch our eyes and lift our spirits. We associate happiness with balloons.


When I retired, in 2007, I decided that I would devote my time, talent and energy to balloon decor. Needless to say, I have an energetic and creative staff that also loves what we do and we do it well.


We love to come up with new designs and help you see what can be done with balloons and other decor items. Our talented staff can create what you imagine!


We also offer "more" than just balloons. Sticky-Pliques can provide you with a variety of services and products for your occasion or event such as:

  • centerpieces

  •  florals

  • bridal bouquets

  • corsages for all occasions

  • favors

  •  "goody bags"

  •  face painting

  • towel "cakes"

  • diaper "cakes"

  • bebe pots

  • gift baskets


.. among others.


Call or e-mail us and see what WE can do for you.


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